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= Introduction =
= Introduction =
  This FAQ provides guidelines for suing the EIC@JLab wikis and mailing lists.
  This FAQ provides guidelines for using the EIC@JLab wikis and mailing lists.

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This FAQ provides guidelines for using the EIC@JLab wikis and mailing lists.


Public and Internal wiki

  • There are currently two wikis with different levels of access control. They are separate, but cross linked.
  • To view the wikis, your browser had to accept the JLab certificate. This is only needed to establish a secure connection. It is not a cookie!

Public wiki

  • https:/eic.jlab.org/wiki
  • This wiki is, as the name suggests, for public information, and there are no restriction on viewing the contents

Internal wiki

  • https:/eic.jlab.org/internal
  • This wiki requires the standard JLab CUE account login.
  • It will include meeting minutes and other similar material.


  • Editing either wiki requires membership of the eic group on the CUE system. To check if you are a member, give the command: groups username. To be added to the eic group, please send an email to the computer center helpdesk@jlab.org.
  • To edit the wiki contents, you have to log in (use link in upper right corner).
  • Since each page on a wiki is identified by its name, please follow the naming convention of adding an appropriate prefix. For instance, names of pages in the e-p working group could start with ep.
  • Links can be created to non-existing pages. They will be created when filled with contents.

Linking to pages

  • Local wiki pages are linked to by using its name within double square brackets.
  • External links, including pages on the other wiki, need the full http address within single brackets.

Uploading files

  • Files can be uploaded and maintained using the upload link in the lower box on the left.
  • Since files are identified by name, please try to create unique names for uploaded files.
  • Note that files uploaded to one wiki are not available on the other one.

Linking to files

  • Uploaded files can be linked to through: Media:filename within double square brackets.

Mailing Lists