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* [mailto:hsayed@jlab.org Hisham Sayed Abdalghaffar] (JLab)
* [mailto:bogacz@jlab.org Alex Bogacz] (JLab)
* [mailto:boiarino@jlab.org Sergey Boyarinov] (JLab)
* [mailto:cuevas@jlab.org Chris Cuevas] (JLab)
* [mailto:derbenev@jlab.org Yaroslav Derbenev] (JLab)
* [mailto:ent Rolf Ent] (JLab)
* [mailto:vguzey@jlab.org Vadim Guzey] (JLab)
* [mailto:hornt@cua.edu Tanja Horn] (Catholic University of America)
* [mailto:hyde@jlab.org Charles Hyde] (Universite Blaise Pascal)
* [mailto:jordanka@jlab.org Yordanka Ilieva] (University of South Carolina)
* [mailto:marki@jlab.org Mark Ito] (JLab)
* [mailto:narbe Narbe Kalantarians] (University of Virginia)
* [mailto:kleinf@cua.edu Franz Klein] (Catholic University of America)
* [mailto:krafft@jlab.org Geoffrey Krafft] (JLab)
* [mailto:vpk@jlab.org Valery Kubarovsky] (JLab)
* [mailto:lir@jlab.org Rui Li] (JLab)
* [mailto:turonski@jlab.org Pawel Nadel-Turonski] (JLab)
* [mailto:braydo@jlab.org Ben Raydo] (JLab)
* [mailto:somov@jlab.org Alexander Somov] (JLab)
* [mailto:ungaro@jlab.org Maurizio Ungaro] (JLab)
* [mailto:yunn@jlab.org Byung Yunn] (JLab)
* [mailto:yzhang@jlab.org Yuhong Zhang] (JLab)
* [mailto:weiss@jlab.org Christian Weiss] (JLab)

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