Large-x (not small x) at EIC

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Organizers: Thia Keppel, Rolf Ent, Rik Yoshida

Agenda and material: Indico Page

Summary of outcomes:

  • High-x partons from EIC: follow-up effort from Accardi et al. on refining the input to the fit. Next iteration time scale: POETIC?
  • Pion and Kaon structure: ANL considering organizing followup meetings.
  • FL: Impact of FL measurements (particularly at medium and high-x) at EIC on the gluon determination is not yet done. Followup?
  • Higher Twist: Not clear what the framework is for studying higher twist using J12 + EIC high-x might be. Followup?
  • CSV: Difficult to see meaningful measurements at EIC within the topics discussed at the meeting.
  • Other topic not covered and for eventual followup:
    • Jets and Charm
    • Nuclear measurements

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