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JLab-EIC-News email list

This email list is used to communicate news about EIC activities at JLab. This is meant for news and announcements and not for discussions. Other email lists are available for discussions.

There are four topics you may sign up for.

  • General: This is mainly for announcements about the Friday general JLEIC meeting.. and also for other general announcements.
  • Accelerator: This is for JLEIC Accelerator R&D
  • Physics: JLEIC specific physic meetings, etc.
  • Detector: JLEIC detector R&D.

Go to the main information page JLab-EIC-News and request to subscribe.

Then go to https://mailman.jlab.org/mailman/options/jlab-eic-news/your_email (replace your_email) to set the topics you want.

You will need the password you got with your subscription acceptance to access this. The topics are towards the bottom of the page. If you don't choose topics,, you'll get everything by default