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Date and Location:  8/26 Tuesday at 1:30PM ET in CEBAF center F228
Conference ID 983173498
Audio Dial: 18882402560 (US or Canada only) (see all numbers) and enter the Conference ID
Desktop sharing https://bluejeans.com/983173498 (REMEMBER to turn off mic and speaker after join to avoid echo if you use phoneline for audio)
  • meeting system "bluejeans" howto
    • Through a browser in a computer, you can do desktop sharing, audio if you have a mic and speaker, and video if you have a webcam, just go to the conference link above and join as guest
    • Phoneline should have better audio quality because it's not limited by network speed
    • For browser, we recommend firefox on mac,windows and linux. Note at the first time you use it, a plugin needs to be downloaded and installed. On linux, only plugin available is for 64bit firefox and you need to install it as root.
    • You can use bluejeans app on your mobile device to connect also after downloading it from your device's app store.
    • Test the system by going to link http://bluejeans.com/111
    • To host or schedule a meeting, you need jlab account, login at http://jlab.bluejeans.com/ and refer to https://cc.jlab.org/bluejeans

meeting 2014/08/26

  • participants
    • Zhiwen Zhao, Maurizio Ungaro, Jin Huang, Martin Purschke, Xiaochun He, Alexander Kiselev, Ernst Sichtermann
  • talk
    • pptxpdf JLab EIC software, Zhiwen Zhao
    • pdf common event generator suggestion, 'Maurizio Ungaro
    • pptx EicRoot framework, Alexander Kiselev
    • pptx pdf efsPHENIX software, Jin Huang