EIC Collaboration Meeting, 10-12 January 2010, Stony Brook, NY

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Talks by EIC@JLab contributors

  • Hadronization studies in e-p/e-A colliders (.pdf)
  • Gluon imaging and nucleon structure (.pdf)
  • Meson electroproduction & imaging with EIC (.pdf)
  • Deeply virtual exclusive processes with charm (.pdf)
  • Coherent nuclear processes (.pdf)
  • DAQ/Electronics for CW beams (.pdf)
  • Detector & IR Concepts for DES and SIDIS (.ppt)
  • Structure function measurements protons and neutrons (.pdf)
  • Transverse spin with high energy polarized beams in a collider (.pdf)
  • New advanced concepts for EIC (.pptx)
  • IR design and chromaticity compensation (.pdf)
  • ELIC luminosity & electron cooling (.pptx)
  • Crab cavity development at JLab (.pdf)
  • CEBAF/JLab inverted gun (.ppt)