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;Proposed Meetings
;Proposed Meetings
*[[Streaming Readout II]] (Jan 31, Feb 1, 2018); (key words: Readout, Trigger, Streaming readout )
[[Main Page | JLEIC Public Main Page]]
[[Main Page | JLEIC Public Main Page]]

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These meetings are meant to kick-start new efforts

  • The scope of each meetings can be very different. Each meeting is accompanied by key words and a short description for you to see if the meeting is of interest to you.
  • The linked page below will contain further details and a summary of outcome for the past meetings.
  • The meetings are usually half to one day and rely mostly on video or phone connections.

Proposing new meetings

If you are interested in proposing and organizing new meetings, please contact Rik Yoshida

Past Meetings
Proposed Meetings

JLEIC Public Main Page