EA propagation: meeting minutes 5/6/10

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J.Gilfoyle, M. Lamont, T.Mineeva, A.Accardi, R.Dupre, A.Daniel

Next Meeting: Thu, May 13, at 1pm

Update on HBT

Jerry maneged long Pythia runs at EG2 energy, and saw no correlations in Pythia, contrary to Hayk's data. Next thing he'll add resonances into the game to see if Hayk's correlations may be due to that.

The pattern is clear: correlations in Pythia decrease with energy. However, so do the average ν and Q2. Jerry will try to bin ZEUS simulations in these variables to verify to what the disappearance of the correlations is due.

Cold nuclei in Q-Pythia

Aji downloaded and is learning to use Q-Pythia. Next he'll try to include cold nuclear matter in the game.

It was also proposed that Alberto gives a short talk about the theory behind, and about energy loss in the QGP. The format will be Q&A mostly, with questions from Aji and of course from all the participants. When and how (standard meeting or another time) is to be decided.


Matt will redo Gregory Soyez's simulation in e+p collisions at the current MeRHIC and MEIC energies.

Jet Talk by M.Ploszkon

We were happy to learn that Mateusz is willing to give us an introductory lecture on jets. We proposed to have it in 2 weeks from now. Alberto will contact him. EVO migth be a useful way to deliver it (and it has been observed to work in room A110).

Observable pages

Jerry started an HBT wiki page. We need volounteers for the light and heavy flavors pages, show stubs can be accessed here.