EA propagation: meeting minutes 3/2/10

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A.Accardi, A.Daniel, R.Dupre, M.Lamont, A.Majumder, T.Mineeva

Next meetings: how and when

We are taking a [http://www.doodle.com/xe2hr5fnsemzqnfq Doodle Poll] to determine the best time and day to hold our weekly meetings. Please take a minute, fill in your name and click on which times you are available and leave blank when you are not.

List of observables and resources

As discussed during the meeting, Alberto has combined suggestions for observables on the [EA_propagation:_observables | "Observables"] page. In its "Resources" section you can also find information on η FFs and heavy flavor detection.

For Argonne, we should probably concentrate first on the observables discussed in the previous meeting EA_propagation:_MC_meeting_minutes_2/22/10#Priorities_for_Argonne and then extend our efforts as indicated in the Observables page.

In the [EA_Parton_propagation_and_fragmentation#Resources_.26_links "Resource and links"' section of our main page, you can find also links to 2 pages with [EA_propagation:_talks | Talks] and [EA_propagation:_talks|Documents] of relevance to our working group. Please, check it out!

MC progress

Pythia + Lund

  • Raphael reported that his MC is now running
  • He also posted a table of particle production rates at MEIC [1]. Please take a look and check if we are missing some important particle.


  • Abhijit is checking if Q-Pythia is teh right framework to implement his HT energy-loss formalism. In particular he is trying to understand:
    • how is the pT-broadening of the shower partons treated?
    • Maybe Mateusz can help here
  • We should find time / people to implement the cold nuclear medium in Q-Pythia. The task is in principle rather straightforward, becuase all the analytical formulae are available, but Alberto and Mateusz have little time so far. Any volounteer??


  • All: check Raphael's rates table [2] and see if any important particle is missing
  • Harut / Taya: calculate particle production rates with Lepto as a cross-check of Raphael's table [3]
  • Volounteers needed: implementing the cold nuclear medium in Q-Pythia