EA color in nuclei: meeting minutes 3/18/10

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Lamiaa El Fassi, Wim Cosyn, Jerry Miller, Dipangkar Dutta

Jerry gave us a quick update from the Rutger's EIC meeting

We discussed the point that for most exclusive reactions, the lack of missing mass resolution implies that, we have to detect the recoil particle to ensure exclusivity. In many cases the recoil is at very forward angles and detection would be difficult. For each reaction under study we should list the kinematics for all reactions products so that the detector requirements can be specified.

Progress with the reactions under study.

  • Coherent diffractive ρ0, J/Ψ production from nuclei (Lamiaa)

Event generator is being modified for the collider geometry and it will be used with the PYTHIA code under development.

  • Exclusive π, p, pp production from nuclei. (Wim)

Kinematics have been simulated, will look at the kinematics of the recoil particle

  • diffractive di-jet, and high pT di-jet production (DD)

Determined to be not suitable for mEIC energies

Jerry mentioned Mark Strikman and S. Kumano's work on a couple of new observables: 2-to-3 hard hadronic processes and large angle two body scattering. He also mentioned that at the Rutgers meeting Stan Brodsky talked about several new observables.

We will look into these observables and their feasibility at EIC.