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Internal Documents

Mailing List


Physics Topics: 3D imaging of proton and nuclei

  • Gluon imaging
    • Physics of non-perturbative glue
    • Exclusive J/Psi and phi production
    • Nuclear gluons
    • Importance for pp@LHC, small x
  • Quark imaging
    • Sea quarks: QCD vacuum, chiral dynamics
    • Exclusive meson production, DVCS
    • Polarization
  • Meson/baryon structure
    • Excited states N->N*, diffraction
    • Longitudinal correlations in nucleon, ksi!=0
    • Orbital motion of quarks/gluons, semi-inclusive DIS

Talks on e-p physics

The full list of our recent talks can be found on the main page of this Wiki. An excerpt from the Seattle INT 2009 workshop and the most recent EIC international advisory and collaboration meetings is given below.

  • C. Weiss: Gluon imaging and nucleon structure (.pdf)
  • T. Horn: Meson electroproduction & imaging with EIC (.pdf)
  • S. Liuti: Deeply virtual exclusive processes with charm (.pdf)
  • C. Weiss: Progress Report on Deep Exclusive Reaction Program(.pdf)
  • R. Ent: Golden Experiments (.pptx)
  • W. Brooks: Microscopic Studies of Parton Propagation and Hadron Formation (.pdf)
  • T. Horn: EIC@JLAB – a medium energy collider taking nucleon structure beyond the valence region (.ppt) (.pdf)
  • B. Kopeliovich: Boosting the Saturation Scale in Nuclei (.pdf)
  • C. Weiss: Physics of the JLab 12 GeV Upgrade (.pdf)
  • R. Ent: GPD/TMD Studies with a Future Electron-Ion Collider (.ppt)


Our meetings are held jointly with the general MEIC nuclear physics meetings on Fridays at 9:30am. The instructions for participating remotely can be found at the link below.

Instructions for using the Conference Group


The MEIC e-p workshop on exclusive reactions will be held at Rutgers University on March 14 & 15 2010 (http://www.physics.rutgers.edu/np/2010rueic-home.html). The MEIC e-p sidis workshop will be held at Duke March 12&13.