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5th Int' Workshop on HEP in the LHC Era, 16-20 December 2013, UTFSM, Valparaiso, ChileAPS April Meeting, 13-17 February 2010, Washington, DCAccelerator
ChinaColloquium PlanningCommon ENC/EIC Workshop at GSI, 28-30 May 2009, Darmstadt, Germany
Conferences and workshops
DIS 2009 Conference, 26-30 April 2009, Madrid, SpainDetector WG WorkshopsDetector Working Group
Detector simulation general noteDocumentsE-A Working Group
E-p Working GroupE-p Working Group SIDIS Meeting, 18 December 2009, Newport News, VAEA Color in Nuclei
EA Color in Nuclei - Lamiaa El FassiEA Color in Nuclei - Paul HoyerEA Color in Nuclei - list
EA Color in Nuclei - meetingsEA Color in Nuclei - welcomeEA Color in Nuclei group members
EA Color in nuclei Color in nucleiEA HBT correlationsEA Parton propagation and fragmentation
EA WG WorkshopsEA color in nuclei: meeting agenda 3/18/10EA color in nuclei: meeting agenda 3/2/10
EA color in nuclei: meeting agenda 4/1/10EA color in nuclei: meeting minutes 3/18/10EA color in nuclei: meeting minutes 3/2/10
EA color in nuclei: meeting minutes 4/1/10EA jets
EA propagation: Alberto's observablesEA propagation: Harut's observables
EA propagation: MC meeting agenda 2/22/10EA propagation: MC meeting minutes 2/22/10EA propagation: Monte Carlo
EA propagation: documentsEA propagation: eta FFEA propagation: group members
EA propagation: heavy flavorsEA propagation: light flavorsEA propagation: meeting agenda 3/11/10
EA propagation: meeting agenda 3/18/10EA propagation: meeting agenda 3/2/10EA propagation: meeting agenda 3/25/10
EA propagation: meeting agenda 4/01/10EA propagation: meeting agenda 4/15/10EA propagation: meeting agenda 4/22/10
EA propagation: meeting agenda 4/29/10EA propagation: meeting agenda 5/13/10EA propagation: meeting agenda 5/21/10
EA propagation: meeting agenda 5/27/10EA propagation: meeting agenda 5/6/10EA propagation: meeting minutes 3/11/10
EA propagation: meeting minutes 3/18/10EA propagation: meeting minutes 3/2/10EA propagation: meeting minutes 4/01/10
EA propagation: meeting minutes 4/15/10EA propagation: meeting minutes 4/22/10EA propagation: meeting minutes 4/29/10
EA propagation: meeting minutes 5/13/10EA propagation: meeting minutes 5/21/10EA propagation: meeting minutes 5/6/10
EA propagation: meetingsEA propagation: observables
EA propagation: welcome
EIC Ad-hoc Meeting SeriesEIC Collaboration Meeting, 10-12 January 2010, Stony Brook, NYEIC Collaboration Meeting, 11-13 December 2008, Berkeley, CA
EIC Collaboration Meeting, 29-31 July 2010, Catholic University of America, Washington, DCEIC DetectorEIC Detector Software Generation
EIC Detector Software InstallationEIC Detector Software SimulationEIC International Advisory Committee Meeting, 16 February 2009, Washington, DC
EIC International Advisory Committee Meeting, 2-3 November 2009, Newport News, VAEIC SoftwareEIC luminosity
EINN 2009, 27 September - 02 October 2009, Milos, GreeceEW WG Overview
EW WG WorkshopsEic software coll meetingEictool container
Electron Cooling Working GroupElectroweak Working GroupEp WG Workshops
Forward TaggingGMEC pidGeometry tagging for heavy ions at JLEIC
HExProc2009 Workshop, 9-11 November 2009, Munich, GermanyHadron Workshop, Huangshan, China, July 3, 2013Heavy flavors and charmonium
INT-09-03 Program, 14 September - 20 November 2009, Seattle, WA
INT-09-43W Workshop, 19-23 October 2009, Seattle, WAInstallation of framework
Instructions for using the Conference GroupInteraction Region Working Group
Ion Complex Front End Working GroupJLEIC Forward Ion Detector AreaJLEIC Public Main Page
JLab-EIC-NewsJLab-EICUGJLab EIC email lists
JLab Users Group Meeting, 8-10 June 2009, Newport News, VALarge-x (not small x) at EIC
List of ParticipantsMEIC/ELIC design
MEIC Document 1-2015 Preparation SiteMEIC Land Use Layout
Main PageNuclear PhysicsOld Page
PAC 2009 Conference, 4-8 May 2009, Vancouver, CanadaPOETIC 2012 Indiana UniversityPhone Meetings
Polarization and Spin Dynamics Working GroupPresentationsPublications
QCD and Hadron Physics, Lanzhou, China, March 30, 2013ReportsSESAPS 76th Annual Meeting, 11-14 November 2009, Atlanta, GA
Simulation and Reconstruction Working GroupSpace Charge 2015, Oxford, UK, 23-27 March 2015Streaming Readout II
Technology Development Working GroupTheoryTrigger/Streaming Readout
Trigger and Data Acquisition Working GroupUnformated PresentationsWiki FAQ