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Subject: Parton propagation and fragmentation working group
Date: Thursday 04 February 2010 16:49
From: Alberto Accardi <accardi@jlab.org>

Dear colleagues,

I would like to open the works of the EIC "Parton propagation and
fragmentation" working group, and thank you for your interest in this
exciting physics.
I prepared a publicly accessible wiki page with many details on what
I think are our goals and timelines, see
This is of course going to be a collective effort, so you are welcome
to suggest changes and improvements or to write new pages. So far
only people with a JLab account can modify pages, but we are in the
process of obtaining a group password for those of you who don't have
a JLab account. In the meantime you can e-mail me if you want to work
on the wiki. Soon we will also have an automated mailing list.
Our goal is to develop a physics program for the medium-energy EIC,
with as many simulations and projections as possible to make it
concrete. For each of our favorite observables, we should try and
compare the performance of the JLab and BNL designs, in order to
contribute in building the science case leading to the choice of the
best one.
The timeline is rather strict, and I am asking for your collaboration
in order to do our best. We should present our preliminary efforts
at a workshop in Argonne, 7-9 April (to which you all are invited),
and our final results at a workshop in Seattle, 15-19 November.
Details and links are on the wiki.
After the meeting in Seattle, the INT will publish a white paper
collecting the studies of all the working groups interested in the
EIC. This book will ideally present in detail the scientific case for
the EIC, and will form the basis on which the machine design will be
selected and on which we will go into the next long-range plan in
2012 or 2013. So, our effort is vital at this point and there is no
more time to lose if we want the best chances to build an EIC.
As a starting point, I would like to ask you to think about a list of
a few observables which you think are interesting to explore. You can
send me your thoughts (text or TeX) and I will compile them in a
short document. After this we should start computing and producing
projections and simulations to present in Argonne.
One important thing for this effort is to have a few Monte Carlo
codes available. We don't necessarily need to have a full simulation
at this point, but at least some 'toy' simulation that we can pass
through the detectors. Therefore, I would like to invite all those
who are interested to form a Monte Carlo development group, and
check https://eic.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/EA_propagation_-_Monte_Carlo
for a few starter ideas. I took the freedom to add some of your names
here and there, but if you have objections let me know.
Again, welcome to our group and please invite any who might be
interested to join.
Best regards,