EA propagation: meeting minutes 5/13/10

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J.Gilfoyle, T.Mineeva, A.Accardi, A.Daniel

Next Meeting: Fri, May 21, at 11pm -- Featured speaker: M.Ploszkon, Jets for dummies

Talk on jets next week

M.Ploskon agreed to give a 30 minutes phone presentation on "Jets for dummies" at the next phone meeting. Please attend - there will be ample space for discussion and Q&A.

Update on HBT

Jerry studied cuts in Q^2 and nu for HBT at EIC, and found no difference compared to the no cut simulation. This is not surprising because the model used in PYTHIA has Q^2 and nu independent parameters.

Then he cranked up the λ parameter (basically the size of the correlations) 10 times and observed the correlation at EIC increase from 10% to 400%. This is good news to try and explain teh correlations seen at EG@ by H.Hakobyan.

The plan is the following: fix lambda so that PYTHIA can reproduce EG2 data, interpolate teh EG2, ZEUS lambda to EIC energu and perform simulations. We would like to see to what extent one can measure the Q^2, nu dependence of teh correlations - especially on nuclei where nu is a boost parameters that can push hadronization outside the medium.

Check Jerry's HBT page for the plots.

Now, we need to get expert feedback on all this, though. The plan is to contact

  1. W.Brooks
  2. some external expert like M.Lisa

Update on PyQM

Alberto and Raphael are working on the angular and kT distribution of teh radiated energy to fix teh problems noticed in the pT broadening iplementation