EA propagation: meeting minutes 3/11/10

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A.Accardi, W.Brooks, A.Daniel, R.Dupre, A.Majumder, T.Mineeva

Next meetings: how and when

We are taking a Doodle Poll to determine the best time and day to hold our weekly meetings. Please take a minute, fill in your name and click on which times you are available and leave blank when you are not.

MC news

Pythia + Lund

Abhijit pointed out that in this Monte Carlo simulation we are implicitly assuming that the parton shower and energy loss are decoupled. What we are doing in practice is

  • first, we let the parton evolve down to some minimum virtuality, at which hadronization takes place. This is the same that happens in vacuum;
  • the energy loss is applied to an on-shell quark

This scheme is motivated by the difficulty of coupling evolution in virtuality (parton showers) with induced parton energy loss, and is applied in most other energy loss implementations, e.g., MARTINI (AMY energy loss in a tehrmal medium) or GLV, PQM, ... An exception is Q-Pythia, JEWEL, and Abhijit's own HT evolution, which is waiting to be realized in a MC, see below.

---- Volounteers needed for links to all these MC codes ----

Q-Pythia and HT

Abhijt and Alberto will contact the Q-Pithya authors for some help in implementing HT. Abhijit will also try to contact some experts on PITHYA parton showers, like Steve Mrenna at Fermilab.

New particles for Table of production rates

Raphael produced a table of production rates at EIC. It would be interesting to add:

  • Higher mass charmonium states like ψ', υ
  • Bottomonium

As with all heavy flavors, the problem is that the detection rate will be very different from teh prduction rate becaus of teh many possible detectin channels and topolgy of the decays, which require some detector details to be estimated. Anyway, production rates are teh first step...

Taya agreed to check Raphael's rates using LEPTO.


  • Taya: calculate particle production rates with Lepto as a cross-check of Raphael's table [1]
  • Volounteers needed: implementing the cold nuclear medium in Q-Pythia