EA propagation: Alberto's observables

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In (very) rough order of priority:

  • Attenuation and pT-broadening as a function of z for
    • π0 vs. η mesons (energy loss vs prehadron absorption)
    • B vs D mesons (heavy flavor puzzle)
    • heavy vs. light mesons in general
    • Verify that RM->1 at large nu as indicated by EMC
  • pT-broadening
    • vs. Q2 - one of the most intriguing features of HERMES data
    • vs. z - for precision tests of theory models
    • compare the mesons listed above
  • Cronin effect at large pT
    • test of fragmentation vs. recombination -- no recombination expected in e+A, hence Cronin for mesons~baryons
    • use cuts in the fractional momentum x to test the size of intial state nuclear modifications
  • jets
    • jet rates as a function of cone radius -- induced gluon radiation will broaden the jet
    • interplay of semi-inclusive hadron pT-broadening and jet shapes through value of qhat
    • compare to jets at RHIC
  • Baryons
    • origin of proton "anomaly": p, pbar, Λ Λbar, ...
    • HT production mechanism a la Brodski & C.
  • Grey tracks
    • as tests of parton propagation (see Ciofi degli Atti & Kopeliovich)
    • for centrality determination
  • hadron-hadron correlations
    • z correlations (a la HERMES)
    • ΔΦ correlations (back-to-back respect to the virtual photon axis)
  • photon-hadron correlations
    • soft photons: brehmstralhung, test of multiple scattering dynamics
    • hard (propmpt) photons: analog of gamma+jet in A+A, but much cleaner
  • Test of factorization of FFs
    • large Q2 leverage, can test nuclear FF factorization assumed by Sassot, Strattman, Zurita.
  • J/Ψ and charmonium attenuation in cold nuclear matter
    • Test of attenuation mechanisms, e.g., absorption with a given cross-section vs. coherent c-cbar scattering by Qiu-Vary-Zhang
  • nuclear fracture functions ???