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The aim of our jet simulation campaign in e+A collisions, is to study medium modifications of single jet production and testing energy loss models on one hand, and on the other to perform nuclear gluon PDF measurements with dijets.

Generalities on Jets

At high energy the partons fragment in many particles, the goal of all jet reconstruction algorithm is to group the particles to reconstruct the parton kinematic. There is two family of jet algorithm, cluster algorithm groups particles based on their momentum. And cone algorithm that find a cone which have an axis that match with the sum of momentum of the particles it contain.

Cluster algorithms are infra-red and collinear safe but cone algorithms are not. To solve this problem cone like algorithms were developed they are based on the same principle but the form of the cone is not fixed. Those cone like algorithms are infra-red and collinear safe. Cluster algorithm are efficient in clean environment like e+ e- collisions and all particles are linked to a jet. Cone and cone like algorithm are used in messy environment like heavy ion collisions.

Check out these introductory references:

Jets in e+A

Jet Algorithms

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Cone like algorithm

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