EA color in nuclei: meeting minutes 4/1/10

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Lamiaa El Fassi, Wim Cosyn, Dipangkar Dutta

Progress with the reactions under study.

  • Coherent diffractive ρ0, J/Ψ production from nuclei

Event generator has been modified for the collider geometry and it will be used with a PYTHIA code also developed recently. After some initial struggle these simulations are now producing reasonable results. Angular ranges for the recoil particle were quoted. Soon some plots showing the range and the energy vs angle correlations will be put on the wiki.

  • Exclusive π, p, pp production from nuclei. (Wim)

Kinematics of the recoil particle were generated. Some of the parallel kinematics look difficult because of extremely small angles. Plots of angle vs energy correlations will be added to the wiki soon.

  • Several of the reactions listed by Stan at the Rutger's meeting are being studied. Slides/plots to be made available soon. 2-to-3 hard hadronic processes and large angle two body scattering translated to EIC are similar to what Lamiaa and Wim are already looking into.

As soon as slides and plots to be presented at the ANL workshop are ready they will be put on the wiki for comments.