EA color in nuclei: meeting minutes 3/2/10

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Lamiaa El Fassi, Wim Cosyn, Maurik Holtrop, Dipangkar Dutta

We started with a discussion on the challenges of ensuring "exclusivity" at an e-A collider. All of us are to think about this topic and report back with ideas for a set of criteria for defining exclusive events in a collider geometry.

As a staring of point one can look at the following article on how kinematic reconstruction was performed at HERA in inclusive DIS e-p collisions. https://eic.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/Image:Ep_reconstruction.pdf

We discussed the set of reactions/observables to study before the Argonne workshop:

  • Coherent diffractive ρ0, J/Ψ production from nuclei (Lamiaa)
  • Exclusive π, p, pp production from nuclei. (Wim)
  • Real (quasi-real) photo production of mesons from nuclei (Maurik)
  • diffractive di-jet, and high pT di-jet production (DD)

Each of us were assigned one of these reactions (as indicated) to investigate their feasibility at the EIC.

Currently we lack Monte Carlo tools that can be used to study all of these an a single platform. However, it was felt that at this stage, just kinematics/phase-space MCs can be used. Wim will try to extend his MC to EIC energies and geometries. Lamiaa has a Rho-meson generator which she will try to extend. All of will investigate an appropriate existing MC platforms to co-opt.

We also need to gather all elementary cross-sections that are needed for simulations and calculations

There was a question about the status of detector design. A sketch of the detector layout has been added to the wiki.

Because of conflict with other EIC related meetings, we will move our meeting to a different date. Currently Thursday 11:00 AM EST seems to the preferred choice. A poll has been set at http://www.doodle.com/ipup9zdgk4wupap9 please vote for your choice.

Based on the polling so far it seems our next meeting will be on March 18 at 11:00 AM.

We also discussed if there are some names that were missing from our list of participants.


  • All: Think about exclusivity at e-A colliders, investigate suitable MC platform to adopt, add other reactions of interest, find elementary cross-sections and put them on the wiki.
  • study the feasibility of assigned reaction/observable at EIC.