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Date and Location:  Fridays at 9:30 am in CEBAF center F326/327 upon announcement
Conference ID 514430987       
Desktop sharing and video
(You don't need to call in by phone if your PC has a mic and a speaker, 
but do REMEMBER to turn off mic and speaker to avoid echo if you use phoneline for audio)
Audio Dial: 18882402560 (US or Canada only) (see all numbers) and enter the Conference ID
meeting system "bluejeans" howto
(Moderator Passcode: 1111, and link
Howto share files for the meeting
you may just send the file to
The info below is about how to do it yourself
upload your file to the meeting file dir /site/www/html/meic/meetings/meic_general_meeting/ + meeting date from any jlab server
then you can link it by + meeting date + yourfilename
change date for different meeting date.
your account needs to be in eicwww group to be able to upload.
The files are protected by general jlab user login


Special - Password Protected

EIC@JLab Project Meeting, 17 April 2009

Discussion of EIC alternatives, 18 November 2008