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= General =
= General =
* [[General Meeting 2016/02/19 | 2016/03/11]]
* [[General Meeting 2016/02/19 | 2016/02/19]]
* [[General Meeting 2016/02/19 | 2016/02/19]]
* [[General Meeting 2016/02/05 | 2016/02/05]]
* [[General Meeting 2016/02/05 | 2016/02/05]]

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Date and Location:  Fridays at 9:30 am in CEBAF center F326/327 upon announcement
Conference ID 514430987       
Desktop sharing and video https://bluejeans.com/514430987
(You don't need to call in by phone if your PC has a mic and a speaker, 
but do REMEMBER to turn off mic and speaker to avoid echo if you use phoneline for audio)
Audio Dial: 18882402560 (US or Canada only) (see all numbers) and enter the Conference ID
meeting system "bluejeans" howto https://hallaweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/Bluejeans_howto
(Moderator Passcode: 1111, and link https://bluejeans.com/514430987/1111)
Howto share files for the meeting
you may just send the file to zwzhao@jlab.org
The info below is about how to do it yourself
upload your file to the meeting file dir /site/www/html/meic/meetings/meic_general_meeting/ + meeting date from any jlab server
then you can link it by http://www.jlab.org/meic/meetings/meic_general_meeting/ + meeting date + yourfilename
change date for different meeting date.
your account needs to be in eicwww group to be able to upload.
The files are protected by general jlab user login


Special - Password Protected

EIC@JLab Project Meeting, 17 April 2009

Discussion of EIC alternatives, 18 November 2008