MC WG Meeting Minutes 10/2/09

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T. Horn, M. Ito, P. Nadel-Turonski, M. Ungaro, C. Weiss

Working Group Overview

  • The activities of the Simulation Working Group will cover four branches.
  1. Event Generators (standardized format)
  2. Fast MC
  4. Event Reconstruction/Tracking (for GEANT data)
  • The focus of this meeting is the GEANT MC, which we want to base on the CLAS12 simulation package GEMC, written by M.U., and in particular, topics related to the implementation and manpower.


  • The GEMC package can retain a very high degree of commonality between its CLAS12 and EIC implementations, since it relies on external field map and geometry services implemented as queries to MySQL databases. The code could be maintained for both applications.
  • The geometry server is accessed through a series of perl scripts, and M.U. agreed to give an introduction on how to define detector components in the GEMC environment at the beginning of November.
  • Before then, a group of people need to be assembled who will assist in the implementation of the detector geometries.
  • T.H. showed the current MEIC detector cartoon which will serve as a guideline for the GEANT implementation, which will be done in several steps with increasing levels of sophistication.
  • One goal of the first iteration would be to understand rate distributions in various parts of the detector, which could be compared with a simple background study as done in summer09.

Manpower and Workshops

  • In addition to the manpower needed for the implementation of the detector geometry, the working group would benefit from additional collaborators in all areas of activity.
  • M.I. suggested that presenting all new collaborators with an overview of the physics of the EIC@JLAB project is essential. There are many people who contribute in various ways, but are not familiar with the physics goals of EIC@JLAB. He also suggests to use the EIC@JLAB webpage and wiki more actively in this respect.
  • C.W. thought that a mini-workshop in early November, especially targeted at new collaborators, would be good way to achieve these goals. The scope of the workshop would cover the EIC@JLAB project including the high-level/global design, a comparison to the BNL design of eRHIC, and emphasizing the unique opportunities of the EIC@JLAB. Other ideas focusing on specific reactions and new ideas for the EIC@JLAB were also discussed.

Next Meeting

  • Next meeting of the simulation working group will be in early November.