Instructions for using the Conference Group

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The lab is signed up for teleconferencing service provided by a company called "The Conference Group" ( Using it is a three step process:

  1. Call "The Conference Group" at 1-877-643-6951 (see below for non-U.S. participants)
  2. Enter a non-verbal pass code, followed by the # sign. The passcode is 51544960
  3. When prompted, record your name, followed by the # sign.

You will then be connected to the call as a "participant". If you call in befpre the "leader" is connected you will hear music until she/he calls in.

For calls from Canada, the phone number is 1-877-722-6536.

For international calls, the phone number is 1-302-607-2017.

The passcode is the same for all calls. Calls are toll free for participants from the U.S. and Canada. International (other than Canadian) calls are not toll free.