General Meeting Minutes 12/11/09

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A. Bogacz, S. Derbenev, R. Dupre, R. Ent, V. Guzey, T. Horn, N. Kalantarians, P. Nadel-Turonski, A. Prokudin, H. Sayed, C. Weiss, Y. Zhang

EICC meeting at Stony Brook

Overview of impressions from the JSA Science Council

  • Rolf and Geoff presented the EIC science case and accelerator design before the JSA Science Council on Friday, 4 December.
  • The general impression of the Council on the EIC was that it was a good long-term project for JLab. Collaboration with BNL, for instance on accelerator design but also on science topics, and engagement of JLab users was encouraged. The Council seemed to think that the development of the EIC science case is making good progress, but also that a lot of work remains. The Council raised the question about manpower and staffing levels for the various JLab projects to the director.

Next meeting

  • The next joint accelerator/nuclear physics meeting will be in early January 2010. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
  • Topics will include preparation for the Stony Brook EICC Meeting
  • Next Friday there will be a nuclear physics meeting on semi-inclusive physics at an EIC
Happy Holidays!!