General Meeting Agenda 3/26/10

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Dear all,

There will be an MEIC/ELIC meeting tomorrow, Friday 03/26, at 9:30 am EST in F326/7. This time, we are going to try something completely different, and have a discussion about heavy quarks at an EIC. Heavy quark production is of interest in its own right, and as part of other programs (such as gluon imaging, delta(G), etc). In the discussion, I would like to mainly focus on the former: what is the use of heavy quarks to learn more about QCD/gluon fields.

No need to prepare anything, apart from thinking about why we should care about heavy quarks at an EIC. If you feel adamant about one or two slides, mail them to me or pas them along on a USB stick, and we can put them at

Let's see how such a session works out.

Best regards, Rolf