General Meeting Agenda 12/2/11

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Dear all,

We will have an MEIC/ELIC meeting Friday at 9:30 am EST in F326/7. There are two items that we should come back to, and I suggest to have meetings both this Friday and next Friday to go over them.

As you have seen, the lab has started a strategic planning exercise, and the Physics Division will have it's Town Meeting coming Thursday Dec. 8. See the agenda at This Friday, I would like to pre-discuss the Electron-Ion Collider presentation. Obviously, it is important to have the science goals, plans, and parameters for the MEIC well presented at a high level.

Then, next week Friday (Dec. 09) I would like to come back to a discussion on the science impact plots. We had previous discussions on this a few months back, both for the TMD and for the imaging programs, and the time seems right to revisit the discussions and high-level impact plots we had for the TMD program (if there are updates on the imaging program, we can discuss those too).

Call-in information is given below. I will send out another mail with any slides used before the meeting.

Best regards, Rolf

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