General Meeting Agenda 11/13/09

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Dear all,

As most of you will have seen, there will be two presentations related to the EIC efforts to the upcoming JSA Science Council, December 4th by Geoff and me. Geoff will present the EIC@JLab design, I am supposed to talk about the science related to the EIC we envision. Related to this, these presentations will also be part of a Science Planning Jamboree that Mont mailed the user community about, with an open meeting with the planned presentations and discussion/input from the community on November 30.

I would like to use tomorrow's meeting to bounce a (very) rough draft of the science talk off you. No stand-up dry run, we will simply go over the slides and sollicit input on the general outline, etc. Hopefully, I will have a complete first draft ready tomorrow ...

So, tomorrow 9:30 am in CEBAF Center Room F326/7. The draft talk will be put on a web page just before the meeting (same as last week:, and call-in information is also the same as last week, and can be found on the WiKi.

Best regards, Rolf