General Meeting Agenda 11/13/09

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Dear all,

We will meet this Friday at 9:30 am in F326/7 (CEBAF Center).

There will be three items on the agenda:

  • Nuclear physics presentations at upcoming EIC meeting (January 10-12 at Stony Brook). I know of many possible candidates, but feel free to update me if you have been working on topics I may not know about.
  • Further info/discussion on energy/luminosity goals of EIC@JLab
  • Discussion on SIDIS/TMD possibilities at an EIC

For those of you off site, I am trying to get conference call-in numbers for the weekly meetings and will pass them on as soon as I know. They will then also be posted on the wiki pages.

Best regards, Rolf

Dear all,

In view of the weather-related message today, we will start tomorrow's EIC meeting at 10 am. Also, we have added call-in information on the EIC Wiki (internal documents) under Instructions for using the Conference Group. You can also go directly to

If slides are needed, we will put them on an accessible web page.

Hopefully, this will all work smoothly.

Best regards, Rolf