General Meeting Agenda 1/21/11

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Dear all,

I would suggest to have a MEIC/ELIC meeting this Friday at 9:30 am (EST) in F326/7. The goal will be twofold: to exchange any information on the ongoing white papers (JLab user workshops and the 10-week INT program), plans related to the next EIC Advisory Committee meeting, possible detector R&D, etc.; and to brainstorm about any 2011 activities, including science-oriented projects and work needed to come to more realistic detector simulations.

Draft agenda:

  • Status overview, including:
    • Status of writeups of JLab user workshops
    • Status and discussion on white paper following INT program
    • next EICAC meeting - plans
    • Detector R&D program call
  • Brainstorming session on 2011 plans and activities
    • plans for further EIC science work and simulations?
    • how to continue with detector/interaction region development?
    • plans for realistic (or not-so-realistics) monte carlos?

Please pass any relevant files on to me, and I will put them at such that off-site people can access them.

Best regards, Rolf