General Meeting 2016/07/22

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Announcement by Rik

We'll have a JLEIC meeting on Friday 22 mainly on NP topics.

There was a long discussion on the outcome of the EICUG and R&D meeting last week. One of the things people at the EICUG meeting were interested in was the development of forward detector and physics capabilities - which JLEIC presentations emphasized.

I've asked Pawel to put together some of the exiting developments and thoughts about forward physics and detectors to start us on a discussion about the right next steps.

Another new topic is the high-x parton measurements. This topic has not been featured in the EIC white paper but I believe it is important both for nuclear physics and for measurements at the LHC. I would also like to have a discussion on what we can do next to develop this physics topic.


[1] High X PDFs: eicug@anl

Forward hadron detection requirements (pptx) (pdf) Pawel