General Meeting 2016/07/15

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Dear all,

it may be good now that the recent EIC User Group meeting at ANL and the accompanying
generic EIC-related detector R&D meeting are still fresh in our mind, to come back to this
and pass on impressions to those that were not there.

So, this week Friday July 15th we will have a generic (accelerator and nuclear physics)
JLEIC meeting at 9:30 am (EDT) in F326/7. The main topics will be discussion of the recent
EIC Users Group Meeting, and discussion on the generic requirements of an EIC detector
(and further interaction region), and any other updates of generic interest for work ongoing.

Please make sure that presentations are mailed latest Thursday (this) evening to
Markus Diefenthaler (, such that they can be posted.
For  remote people calling in, bluejeans info is given below.

Friday July 15: JLEIC meeting - generic meeting (meic & meic_np)
1. Introduction - agenda                                                    Rolf
2. July 7-9 EIC users group meeting at ANL - discussion
3. July 6-7 EIC related detector R&D meeting - discussion on generic detector requirements
4. Further News/Updates                                                  all

We project to have an update on the bunched beam cooling test and results at IMP in 2-3 weeks.

Best regards, Rolf

07/2016 - EIC Generic Detector R&D Meeting

07/2016 - EIC User Group Meeting