General Meeting 2016/06/10

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This is an announcement that, as previously announced, we will have a JLEIC meeting
this Friday 6/10 at 9:30 am in F326/7.

We will continue out discussion on re-establishing the
main arguments that tie the EIC physics aims to the JLEIC accelerator and detector designs.

Christian Weiss will present the physics arguments from studies of nuclei.

Please see later this mail for tentative subsequent planning of Friday meetings.

Please make sure that presentations are mailed latest Thursday evening to
Zhiwen Zhao ( and cc'd to me, such that they can be posted.
For  remote people calling in, bluejeans info is given below.

Friday June 6: JLEIC meeting - NP oriented meeting (meic_np)
1. Follow-up JLEIC science discussion - what makes the JLEIC design unique for science
    for nuclei studies.
2. Updates.

tentative calendar for Friday meetings:

06/17 TBD: Accelerator issues (?)

Best regards, Rik

pdf Christian Weiss