General Meeting 2016/05/13

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we will have a NP oriented JLEIC meeting this Friday May 13th at 9:30 am in
F326/7. Please see later this mail for tentative subsequent planning of Friday

This week's meeting will be mostly dedicated to an update on the general
JLEIC detector requirements, including what detector and Interaction Region
parameters are known (and based upon what) and what still allows flexibility.
We will start with a small update on various items.

Please make sure that presentations are mailed Thursday (this) evening
to Zhiwen Zhao ( and cc'd to me, such that they can be
posted. For  remote people calling in, bluejeans info is given below.

Friday May 13: JLEIC meeting - NP oriented meeting (meic_np)
1. general update (Rolf)
    (agenda, update on EIC Users Group Meeting, LDRD proposals submitted,
    further iteration of "matrix" highlighting various EIC runs and energy/luminosity
    needs for science, etc.)
2. update on detector requirements (Rik, and Markus, Yulia, Pawel)

tentative calendar for Friday meetings:
05/13 NP oriented meeting - update on detector requirements
05/20 generic meeting - updates on PAC experiences, prep for EIC user group meeting, etc.
05/27 TBD - JLEIC science discussions - what science drives what configuration
06/03 TBD - likely followup of 05/27
06/10 TBD

[1] Rolf

[2] Rik