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[https://www.jlab.org/meic/meetings/meic_general_meeting/2016_03_11/JLEIC_meeting_20160311.pptx] Rolf Ent
Detector update [[Media:PNT_EIC_detector_update.pptx | (pptx)]] [[Media:PNT_EIC_detector_update.pdf | (pdf)]] Pawel
Detector update [[Media:PNT_EIC_detector_update.pptx | (pptx)]] [[Media:PNT_EIC_detector_update.pdf | (pdf)]] Pawel

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we will have a NP oriented meeting this Friday March 11th at 9:30 am in F326/7. Please see later this mail for tentative subsequent planning of Friday meetings.

This week's meeting we will start going over a summary of the present foreseen main JLEIC detector and extended interaction region requirements and discussion of high-level assumptions made. This is part of the effort to start documenting this and assist the generic community in understanding where some requirements were based upon and what was assumed.

Please make sure that presentations are mailed Thursday evening to Zhiwen Zhao (zwzhao@jlab.org) and cc'd to me, such that they can be posted. For remote people calling in, bluejeans info is given below.

Friday March 11: JLEIC meeting - NP oriented meeting (meic_np) agenda:

1. Updates on ongoing and upcoming activities including tentative next User Group meeting dates (Rolf)

2. Few slides to introduce JLEIC detector and extended interaction region design (Pawel)

3. (TBD) other slides accompanying this discussion

tentative calendar for Friday meetings: 03/18 generic meeting (meic & meic_np) - general updates and preparations

(note: I may contact some people to see if moving this to 03/25 is good (or not) as it may evade some conflicts)

03/25 TBD (we will only have a meeting as needed, or see above)

04/01 NP oriented meeting (meic_np) - emphasis on track reconstruction

04/08 no meeting planned

04/15 no meeting planned (conflict with DIS conference and possible travel to APS meeting)

04/22 generic meeting (meic & meic_np) - updates on JLEIC users meeting and DIS conference

04/29 NP oriented meeting as needed

05/06 no meeting planned

[1] Rolf Ent Detector update (pptx) (pdf) Pawel