General Meeting 2015/12/04

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we will have a NP oriented MEIC/EIC (now termed JLEIC) meeting this Friday December 4th at 9:30 am in F326/7. This week's meeting should
be interesting, we are going to discuss ideas and thoughts about the
second integrated detector/interaction region, in the context of
complementarity and science ideas. We have three short presentations
of 1-3 slides on specific topics/thoughts, and then have another larger
one-hour more general presentation and discussion.

Please make sure that presentations are mailed Thursday evening to
Zhiwen  Zhao ( and cc'd to me, such that they can be
posted. For remote people calling in, bluejeans info is given below.

Friday December 04: MEIC/EIC (JLEIC) meeting - NP oriented (meic_np) agenda:
1. Beam considerations for 2nd IP, incl. chromaticity - Vasiliy Morozov
2. Considerations for complementary electron polarimetry - Dave Gaskell 
3. Computing - Markus Diefenthaler 
4. Detector Concepts - Yulia Furletova

Pending need, we will have one or two more meetings later this year to start planning for follow-up steps and the EIC users meeting
efforts. So, a tentative calendar for the upcoming period:
12/04 detector-oriented 
12/11 generic meeting, preparation for EIC users meeting 
12/18 tentative detector-oriented meeting, as needed 
01/06 EIC Users Meeting at UC Berkeley (thru 01/09) 

[1] Vasiliy Morozov

[2] Dave Gaskell

[3] Markus Diefenthaler