General Meeting 2015/07/31

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We will resume our Friday MEIC/EIC
meetings this Friday (July 31st at 9:30 am in F326/7) with a generic
meeting going over the various internal MEIC accelerator R&D reviews
of June/July and also hear about the accelerator R&D meeting on
synchronization. Draft agenda is given below.

    We then plan in a week or so to have a nuclear physics
oriented meeting on spectroscopy-related options at an MEIC, and
then start to come back step by step in meetings to the different
detector components and the rationale behind the choices for the
present envisioned EIC detector.

    Bluejeans info is below in this e-mail. Please mail
presentations beforehand to and to me.

Friday July 31:    MEIC/EIC meeting - generic (meic & meic_np)
    draft agenda:
    1. Intro and update on MEIC R&D        Pilat
    2. Update on design issues        Zhang
       (ion complex, e-ring, cooler design, etc...)
    3. Update on synchronization        Morozov
       (summary of dedicated meeting last week)
    4. Discussion on impact of traveling
        IP on experiment        Derbenev/Nadel-Turonski

[1] Pilat

[2] R&D wiki Zhang

[3] Morozov