General Meeting 2014/02/14

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we will use tomorrow's MEIC/ELIC meeting (starting at 09:30 am in F326/CEBAF Center) to go over a first dry run of the talks planned for the upcoming EIC Advisory Committe meeting, scheduled for February 28 and March 1 at BNL. Note that first dry runs mean speakers can show their slides for feedback, it is not a formal presentation.

We will in order go through dry runs as follows (such that hopefully we will be done with the plenary presentation dry runs by 11 am, we have the room reserved until much later as we likely continue until lunch time).

Plenary Session talks:
MEIC facility overview (45 min)  ppt 	       - F. Pilat
JLab Detector/IR (20 min)  pptx  pdf       	- P. Nadel-Turonski
Parallel Session talks (these should all aim for *at most* 15 minutes to leave time for questions):
Cooling and Accelerator R&D (20 min)  ppt	- Y. Zhang
Spin Transport (20 min)  ppt 		        - F. Lin
IR Design (20 min)  ppt			- V. Morozov

Further dry runs will be as follows: Friday 02/21 Final dry run

We will also extend the meeting time for the final dry run.