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Acc Meeting Agenda 10/14/09Acc Meeting Agenda 10/2/09Acc Meeting Agenda 10/5/09
Acc Meeting Agenda 9/15/09Acc Meeting Agenda 9/15/10
Acc Meeting Minutes 1/20/10Acc Meeting Minutes 1/22/10Acc Meeting Minutes 10/2/09
Acc Meeting Minutes 10/5/09Accelerator
Accelerator MeetingsAccelerator and Interaction Region Meeting Agenda 10/02/13Accelerator and Interaction Region Meeting Minutes 10/02/13
Accelerator and Interaction Region MeetingsCentral DetectorDetector Documents
Detector R&DDetector R&D beamline pipeDetector WG Meeting:
Detector WG Meeting 01/09/13Detector WG Meeting 08/08/13Detector WG Meeting 08/15/13
Detector WG Meeting 08/29/13Detector WG Meeting 09/05/13Detector WG Meeting 09/12/13
Detector WG Meeting 09/19/13Detector WG Meeting 10/03/13Detector Working Group
Detector Working Group MeetingsDiscussion of EIC alternatives, 18 November 2008
E-A Working GroupE-p Working GroupEA Color in Nuclei - Lamiaa El Fassi
EA Color in Nuclei - Paul HoyerEA Color in Nuclei - listEA Color in Nuclei - welcome
EA Color in Nuclei group membersEA Color in nucleiEA Exclusive processes
EA Nuclear effectsEA Parton propagation and fragmentationEA Short range structure
EA machine designsEA propagation group membersEIC@JLab Project Meeting, 17 April 2009
EIC SimulationEIC StudyEIC proposal R&D meeting
EIC simulation acceptanceEIC simulation preshower
EIC simulation radiationEIC simulation trackingEW WG Meeting Agenda 2/17/10
Electron Cooling Working GroupElectron Tagger acceptance first plotsElectroweak Working Group
Ep WG Meeting Minutes 7/24/09Forward DetectionGeneral Meeting 2014/02/14
General Meeting 2014/02/21General Meeting 2014/04/04General Meeting 2014/04/11
General Meeting 2014/04/18General Meeting 2014/05/09General Meeting 2014/05/16
General Meeting 2014/05/30General Meeting 2014/07/11General Meeting 2014/08/01
General Meeting 2014/08/29General Meeting 2014/09/05
General Meeting 2014/10/10General Meeting 2014/10/24General Meeting 2014/11/07
General Meeting 2014/12/05General Meeting 2015/01/16General Meeting 2015/01/30
General Meeting 2015/02/20General Meeting 2015/03/13General Meeting 2015/03/27
General Meeting 2015/04/24General Meeting 2015/05/08General Meeting 2015/05/29
General Meeting 2015/06/19General Meeting 2015/07/31General Meeting 2015/08/06
General Meeting 2015/08/21General Meeting 2015/08/28General Meeting 2015/09/18
General Meeting 2015/10/09General Meeting 2015/11/06General Meeting 2015/11/20
General Meeting 2015/12/04General Meeting 2015/12/11General Meeting 2016/01/15
General Meeting 2016/02/05General Meeting 2016/02/19General Meeting 2016/03/11
General Meeting 2016/03/25General Meeting 2016/04/01
General Meeting 2016/04/22General Meeting 2016/05/13General Meeting 2016/05/20
General Meeting 2016/05/27General Meeting 2016/06/03General Meeting 2016/06/10
General Meeting 2016/07/15General Meeting 2016/07/22General Meeting 2016/08/26
General Meeting 2016/09/23General Meeting 2016/10/21General Meeting 2016/11/04
General Meeting Agenda 1/15/10General Meeting Agenda 1/18/13
General Meeting Agenda 1/21/11General Meeting Agenda 1/22/10
General Meeting Agenda 10/19/12General Meeting Agenda 10/7/11General Meeting Agenda 11/11/11
General Meeting Agenda 11/13/09General Meeting Agenda 11/2/12General Meeting Agenda 11/20/09
General Meeting Agenda 11/6/09General Meeting Agenda 12/11/09General Meeting Agenda 12/18/09
General Meeting Agenda 12/2/11General Meeting Agenda 12/7/12General Meeting Agenda 12/9/11
General Meeting Agenda 2/11/11General Meeting Agenda 2/12/10General Meeting Agenda 2/19/10
General Meeting Agenda 2/23/11General Meeting Agenda 2/24/12General Meeting Agenda 2/26/10
General Meeting Agenda 2/3/12General Meeting Agenda 2/4/11General Meeting Agenda 3/1/13
General Meeting Agenda 3/15/13General Meeting Agenda 3/18/11General Meeting Agenda 3/23/12
General Meeting Agenda 3/26/10General Meeting Agenda 3/4/11General Meeting Agenda 4/1/11
General Meeting Agenda 4/16/10General Meeting Agenda 4/22/11General Meeting Agenda 4/23/10
General Meeting Agenda 4/27/12General Meeting Agenda 5/28/10General Meeting Agenda 5/6/11
General Meeting Agenda 6/1/12General Meeting Agenda 6/10/11General Meeting Agenda 6/17/11
General Meeting Agenda 6/21/13General Meeting Agenda 6/24/11General Meeting Agenda 7/13/12
General Meeting Agenda 7/16/10General Meeting Agenda 7/22/11General Meeting Agenda 8/19/11
General Meeting Agenda 8/26/11General Meeting Agenda 8/3/12General Meeting Agenda 8/31/12
General Meeting Agenda 9/14/12General Meeting Agenda 9/16/11General Meeting Agenda 9/17/10
General Meeting Agenda 9/2/11General Meeting Agenda 9/25/09General Meeting Minutes 1/15/10
General Meeting Minutes 1/21/10General Meeting Minutes 1/22/10General Meeting Minutes 10/02/13
General Meeting Minutes 11/13/09General Meeting Minutes 11/20/09General Meeting Minutes 11/6/09
General Meeting Minutes 12/11/09General Meeting Minutes 2/12/10General Meeting Minutes 2/19/10
General Meeting Minutes 6/26/09General Meeting Minutes 9/25/09IR WG Meeting Agenda 7/31/09
IR WG Meeting Agenda 8/17/09IR WG Meeting Agenda 8/18/09IR WG Meeting Agenda 9/10/09
IR WG MeetingsInstructions for using the Conference GroupInteraction Region Working Group
Ion Complex Front End Working GroupLow Q2 chicaneMC WG Meeting Minutes 10/2/09
MC WG Meeting Minutes 11/16/09Main PageMeeting Agendas
MeetingsNuclear PhysicsNuclear Physics Meetings
Polarization and Spin Dynamics Working GroupSimulation and Reconstruction Working GroupTechnology Development Working Group
Trig WG Meeting Minutes 12/2/09Trigger and Data Acquisition Working Group