IR WG Meeting Agenda 7/31/09

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Hi All,

we all knew that the interaction region (IR) design is one of most challenging R&D issues in order to delivering ultra high luminosity for ELIC. It depends on many individual R&D including crab crossing, traveling focusing, chromatic corrections, beam-beam effect w/space charge, etc. In order to facility close and effective communications among various R&D fronts, we are forming an IR study group. We would like to meet regularly for exchanging new ideas, concepts, schemes and working progress. We welcome anyone who is interested to join us. We particularly would like to invite our nuclear physics colleagues and detector expertise in JLab and in CEBAF user community to join us since communication between accelerator scientists and nuclear physicists is extremely important for a successful design of ELIC IR.

Tomorrow, we will have a first meeting for this study group. The following are meeting time, place and agenda.

ELIC Interaction Region Study Group meeting

Date: Wednesday, July 31, 2009

Time: 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM

Place: ARC728

1. Organizational issues (meeting date/time/place etc.) of IR Study Group

2. Dispersion crabbing kicker by Slava Derbenev