General Meeting Agenda 9/14/12

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Dear all,

We will have this Friday an MEIC/ELIC meeting again, at 9:30 am (EST) in CEBAF Center F326/7. This meeting will be dedicated to a "brainstorming session" again, where we will take advantage of having Mark Strikman for a month at the lab to further discuss what we can learn about fragmentation and its dynamics through various processes.

Mark will start with introducing a few ideas for some 20 minutes or so, and then the plan is as we have done before for special topics to ask questions, discuss, etc. The ultimate goal is to further develop ideas related to the third EIC science topic we often present, to "Understand the emergence of hadronic matter from color charge", in this case through materialization of color through fragmentation and color correlations.

Call-in information is given below.

The summary file Mark will use tomorrow, and the relevant pages from the 2002 white paper, page 72 and 73 are relevant, are given below. You may also want to look at the INT report section 5.12, page 376.

Mark's summary (.pdf).

pages 72 and 73 from the 2002 WP (.pdf).

Link to the INT-10 report

Best regards,


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