General Meeting Agenda 7/16/10

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Dear all,

There will be a general MEIC/ELIC meeting tomorrow, Friday July 16th, at 9:30 am EST in F326/7.

We will have an update on work and review planning from our CASA/Accelerator colleagues by Yuhong, and an update for the upcoming EIC meeting at Catholic University by Tanja. We end with a short update on the Interaction Region layout/optics for both electrons and ions in the detector context, based upon recent discussions of Charles, Pawel and Alex.

Draft agenda:

  1. Update on ongoing CASA/Accelerator work and planned design review
  2. Update on July 29-31 EICC meeting @ CUA
  3. Electron Ring with Spin Rotators and the IRs

Please pass any relevant files on to me, and I will put them at such that off-site people can access them. Call-in information is given below.

Best regards, Rolf


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