General Meeting Agenda 5/28/10

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Dear all,

As announced last week, we will have a (likely long!) MEIC/ELIC meeting coming Friday (tomorrow) 05/28 at 9:30 am EST in F326/7.

Draft agenda:

  1. Update on workshop @ Rockefeller University
  2. Update on Electroweak workshop @ W&M
  3. Update on EIC session at Exclusive Reactions workshop
  4. Update on upcoming Detector Workshop June 4 + 5
  5. Update on July 29-31 EICC meeting @ CUA
  6. Update on various DOE visits: Dr. Brinkman, Dr. Koonin, Dr. Hallman
  7. Discussion on MEIC science & requirements (SIDIS, Charm, etc.)

Please pass any relevant files on to me, and I will put them at such that off-site people can access them. Call-in information is given below.

Best regards, Rolf

Call-in information:

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  • Participant Passcode: 51544960#
  • Toll Free Access Number: 877-643-6951
  • International Access Number: 302-607-2017
  • Canadian Access Number: 877-722-6536