General Meeting Agenda 2/4/11

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Dear all,


The MEIC/ELIC meeting tomorrow (Friday) at 9:30 am (EST) will be rescheduled to L207. Our usual meeting room is due to the particular setup for the upcoming VA science bowl not suitable after all: we either would not have a phone, or no screen, or no computer. So, this week it will be L207.

The main topic will be an update from Yuhong on last week's mini-workshop on the ion complex design. The second topic will be to give a short update on upcoming dates for the EICAC meeting, detector R&D proposal deadline, etc. (In next week's meeting we will come back to more detailed discussions on Monte Carlo simulation plans and detector R&D plans).

Please pass any relevant files on to me, and I will put them at such that off-site people can access them.

Best regards, Rolf