General Meeting Agenda 1/15/10

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Dear All,

Thanks for the efforts in preparation for and the presentations at the last EIC collaboration meeting! It is clear there remains a ton of work to do both in terms of science efforts and accelerator design, but we do make good progress and many of the science, accelerator and integration ideas are well noticed. Overall, I remain believing we are at the right track, but refinements and changes will undoubtedly keep being needed, very natural at this stage of the EIC.

As usual, I would like to dedicate the first MEIC/ELIC meeting after such an event to discuss impressions, see where we stand, and define/refine goals for the upcoming months. Note that I also attach the final report of the EIC Advisory Committee meeting of November 2/3. Comments from this report were already shwon by Steve Vigdor and Mont at the recent EIC collaboration meeting, but we may get back to this too in discussions.

For non-locals, please find the call-in information on the standard EIC@Jlab web page:

and go to the internal Wiki (use your regular CUE login and password).

Meeting: Friday 9:30 am - 11 am in F326/7 (CEBAF Center)


  • Impressions from Accelerator part of workshop
  • Impressions from nuclear science part of workshop
  • Discussion on EIC collaboration meeting and EICAC report
  • Goals for upcoming months

Best regards, Rolf