General Meeting 2016/11/04

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Announcement by Rik

We will meet on Friday, November 4, at 9:30 a.m. in F326-327 to discuss:

  • News/Updates/discussion
    • Upcoming events
    • NAS committee news
    • sPHENIX working group?
    • Topical Ad-hoc workshops
    • Wiki page/document server
  • Machine review plans/update (Fulvia) 10'
  • EIC software (Markus) 15'
  • Micro vertex detector simulation (Julia) 10'
  • Nuclear gluons LDRD update (Christian) 10'
  • Geometrical Tagging LDRD (Vasily) 5'
  • Hadronization LDRD (Markus) 5'

Please email with other topics you propose to cover.


  1. General Update (Rolf)
  2. EIC Software (Markus)
    1. Computing at the Electron-Ion Collider (CHEP2016)
    2. EIC Software Consortium Meeting
    3. Web-based analysis using Jupyter Notebook (LBNL, Bloomberg Analytics, Google, IBM, Microsoft, ROOT):
      1. Computing Round Table on December 6th: Seminar by project founder Fernando Perez (LBNL)
      2. TMD analysis by Governor’s School student Laurel Hunter
  3. Micro-vertex detector simulation (Julia)
  4. Update on LDRD projects
    1. Geometry Tagging for Heavy Ions at JLEIC (Vasiliy)
    2. Nuclear Gluons with Charm (Christian)
    3. Phenomenological Study of Hadronization in Nuclear and High-Energy Physics Experiments (Diefenthaler)