General Meeting 2016/04/01

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Friday April 1: JLEIC meeting - NP/detector oriented (meic_np)
1.  IR magnet requirements                                   Rolf
2. 3 presentations of say 15 minutes each on the status of the track
    reconstruction efforts (Markus, Whitney) and perhaps design of the
    vertex detector (Yulia), all to be confirmed
3. discussion on detector and plan for an EIC  R&D proposal
                                            Michael Murray (TBD) - 20 minutes?

tentative calendar for Friday meetings:
04/01 NP oriented meeting (meic_np) - emphasis on track reconstruction
04/08 no meeting planned
04/15 no meeting planned (conflict with DIS conference and possible
          travel to APS meeting)
04/22 generic meeting (meic & meic_np) - updates on JLEIC users meeting
          and DIS conference
04/29 NP oriented meeting as needed
05/06 no meeting planned

[1] Rolf Ent

[2] Markus Diefenthaler

[3] Whitney Armstrong

[4] Julia Furletova

[5] Christophe Royon