General Meeting 2015/10/09

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    We will have a NP-oriented MEIC/EIC meeting this Friday
October 9th at 9:30 am in F326/7. The main topic is a presentation
on R&D related to a polarized 3He source. This topic should be
very familiar to us nuclear physicists well familiar with the use
of polarized 3He sources for 6- and 12-GeV science experiments, and
the prospects for polarized 3He at an EIC.

    Note also the calendar for the upcoming month:
    10/09    meic_np meeting on polarized 3He source
    10/16    no meeting (the NSAC meeting that will formally
        discuss/approve the Long Range Plan is ongoing
        October 15 + 16. Note that there will be a
        presentation by the NSAC chair, Don Geesaman, at
        JLab on the NSAC Long Range Plan on Monday October
        19 at 3 pm in the CEBAF Center Auditorium)
    10/23    generic MEIC meeting - updates of recent meetings
        and planning for January 6-9 EIC Users Meeting
    10/30    no meeting (DNP)

     Bluejeans info is in the bottom of this e-mail. Please mail
presentations beforehand to (such that Zhiwen can
post them beforehand) with a cc to me.

Friday October 09: MEIC/EIC meeting - NP oriented (meic_np)
 1. General update - Rolf Ent
 2. R&D on Polarzied 3He source - James Maxwell 

pdf James Maxwell