General Meeting 2015/06/19

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 We will have a nuclear physics-oriented MEIC/EIC meeting
this Friday, June 19th at 9:30 am in F326/7.

    Given the progress on the integration of low-Q2 detection
and Compton Polarimetry into the MEIC design, we would like to
mainly target this meeting to that development. We will also
inform all on the generic EIC-related detector R&D projects
that JLab users plan/hope to be involved in (not in details,
just in informational format), and in the end discuss a bit
what MEIC/EIC-related topics our international user community
could be interested in or help with.

    In the next few months, we plan to come back step by
step in our meetings to the different detector components and
the rationale behind the choices for the present envisioned EIC

    Bluejeans info is below in this e-mail. Please mail
presentations beforehand to and to me.

Friday June 19:    MEIC/EIC meeting - nuclear physics oriented (meic_np)
    draft agenda:
    - Introduction on Detector R&D projects        Rolf
    - progress on detector/polarimeter integration    TBD
    - Presentation on Compton Polarimetry        Alexandre
    - Discussion on potential user contributions
        to MEIC components/development        Rolf/Bob
    - anything else? 

pptx Rolf Ent

pptx Alexandre Camsonne

pdf Bob McKeown