General Meeting 2014/10/24

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Friday October 24:	MEIC/EIC meeting dedicated to detector
 			simulation/R&D progress (meic_np)

if you have slides please e-mail them to Zhiwen Zhao (
and me.

   Subsequent meetings:

Friday November 7:	MEIC/EIC meeting - generic (meic & meic_np)

Friday November 21:	MEIC/EIC meeting - nuclear physics discussions

Friday December 5:	MEIC/EIC meeting - generic (meic & meic_np)


pptxpdf Simulation Update, Zhiwen Zhao

pdf Spectator acceptance, Kijun Park

pptx pdf electron polarimetry, Alexandre Camsonne

pdf DIRC, Greg Kalicy

slide pptx slide pdf writeup pdf HBD, Charles Hyde