General Meeting 2014/10/10

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	I realize many are on travel, yet I still would like for
continuity an MEIC/EIC meeting tomorrow, Friday 10/10, in F326/7,
following our planning for the remainder of 2014. There are lots
of things ongoing.

Friday October 10:	MEIC/EIC meeting - generic (meic & meic_np)
 	draft agenda:
 		- LDRD results and plans for FY15
 		- update on superferric magnet talk
 		- summary of Town Meetings
 		- updated MEIC figures for EIC white paper
 		- planning until January 2015

 	I will prepare some slides that will give links to relevant
talks on resolutions from the town meetings, on a presentation from
the NSAC chair related to anticipated planning of EIC cost estimates,

 	Please inform me if there are additional topics to discuss,
if you have slides please e-mail them to Zhiwen Zhao (
and me. For call-in information see below.

   Subsequent meetings:
Friday October 24:	MEIC/EIC meeting dedicated to detector
 			simulation/R&D progress (meic_np)

Friday November 7:	MEIC/EIC meeting - generic (meic & meic_np)

Friday November 21:	MEIC/EIC meeting - nuclear physics discussions

Friday December 5:	MEIC/EIC meeting - generic (meic & meic_np)


pptx Intro

pptx superferric magnet

ppt FODO, Vasiliy Morozov